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1 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Carver, R.P. (I1095)
2 (On tombstone shows 1840 instead) MONTGOMERY, JOSHUA (I657)
3 Benjamin Franklin Reese

Ben Reese died at his home in Kincaid Sunday evening after a long illness.
Rev. A.E. Hughes conducted the funeral at the M.E. church Tuesday morning. Burial was in the Kincaid cemetery.
The following obituary was read at the funeral service:
Benjamin Franklin Reese was the son of James and Jennie Reese. He was born near La Harpe in Allen county, Kansas.
At the age of 16 he moved with his parents to Anderson county, near Kincaid, where he has lived the rest of his life.
At the age of 28 he was united in marriage with Mrs. Maggie Mutzberg. There were no children born to this union.
He leaves to mourn his death, his wife; three step-children, Mrs D.A. Stiffler, Mrs Fred Hammann and Charles Mutzberg; one foster son, Harold of the home, two brothers, Walter of Osawatomie and Garfield of Oklahoma; two sisters, Mrs Maude Nelson and mrs Gertrude Stark of Colorado; one sister-in-law of Kansas City, nieces and nephews and a host of friends.
He died at the age of 56 years, 3 months and 9 days.
He gave his heart to Christ when Rev C.E. Davis was here, about two years ago. 
Reese, Benjamin Franklin (I5965)
4 Buried in Grand Junction[NielsenCurtis.FTW]

Buried in Grand Junction

Buried in Grand Junction 
Brunetti, Joseph Oliver (I5919)
5 by WP Darwin Family F1426
6 Diane used the maiden name Perkins. Her mother, Stella, remarried Ralph Perkins and unknow if he ever legally adopted Diane or not. She considered him her father. Willis, Diane (I5901)
7 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Rich, E.K. (I5893)
8 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Rich, J.E.P. (I5894)
9 Lola gave birth to Holly Sue Mason - Holly and her half brother Mark wer adoped by Lola's sister Rita and her husband Joe Hrecz
Lola gave birth to Mark Randall Mason - Mark and hIs half sister Holly were adoped by Lola's sister Rita and her husband Joe Hrecz 
Nielsen, Lola Ione (I5869)
10 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Hrecz, M.R. (I5852)
11 Posssibly under age when he joined the Navy(which his parents signed for), Met Lola in the service (Navy)] Mason, Elbert Leon (I5860)
12 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Brunetti, B.L. (I5832)
13 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Brunetti, B.L. (I5832)
14 Ruthana (Betty) Nielsen died when Bonnie was 9 days old. Bonnie was given to her paternal aunt. Eileen (Nielsen) and her husband Joseph Brunetti to raise. They legally adoped her. Lola, Selma, Velma, and Rita were placed in the Myron Straton Home in Colorado Springs. Vincent kept and raised Ward, Wanda, Glen & Dean after Betty's death. Curtis, Ruthana Alice (Betty) (I5837)
15 Source Medium: Book

Source (S265)
16 Source Medium: Other Source (S200)
17 Source Medium: Other Source (S201)
18 Source Medium: Other Source (S221)
19 Source Medium: Other Source (S222)
20 Source Medium: Other Source (S224)
21 Source Medium: Other Source (S225)
22 Source Medium: Other Source (S268)
23 ! 1870 ran post office with father Frank at Turner's Point.
Also postmistress at Poetry,Tx. 1879 
Reese, Margaret Jane (I3574)
24 ! At age 18 in March 1862
he enlisted in Co.E of the 20th Tx Cal Reg under Col. Thomas Coke Bass. They served in Arkansas, Mo.,and Indian Territory.(now Okla.)
There is no Tombstone.
Galloways owned property adjoining Reese in TN 
Reese, John Charles Galloway (I3436)
25 ! Belle is the granddaughter of Elisha Reese and Sherwood is the grandson of Elijah Reese Sr. She was the second of his 4 wives. Sherwood had 2 other children by his first wife. REESE, Narcissa Belle (I3519)
26 ! died in the flu epidemic Palmer, Atty Garrett E (I3562)
27 ! He was in the Mexican/American War with brothers Issac and William.
PVT in Co. C.4th REG of TN Vltrs 30 Sept.1847 to 1 Aug 1848. Discharged at Memphis. 5'11" blue eyes,light hair.
He was shot while riding home one night. 
Reese, Daniel (I3391)
28 ! In 1880 Census Sarah was living with her son Francis in Poetry, Texas STINECIPHER, SARAH (I4)
29 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Williams, C.B. III (I3567)
30 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Williams, PhD A. (I3565)
31 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Harris, 1st Lt S.L. (I3684)
32 ! Living in Royce City,Tx,PH-214-635-2534 Reese, Ruby (I3663)
33 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Palmer, G.E. (I3563)
34 ! Newton was the fifth child of six.
He was a pilot on the Ohio and Mississippi rivers, was in the civil war capturing Island #10.
He worked on the river, was a farmer, worked on the railroad and was postmaster in Okian Arkansas. 
Proctor, Lt Newton J (I3744)
35 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Adams, M. (I3666)
36 ! Sister of Mary Ann Tudor that married Frank Reese.
In 1850 Census was living w/Alfred Agee family.
Alfred, son of Elizabeth Tudor (oxx of Harris & Polly Tudor) and Isaac Agee
Agee's owned property adjoining Reese's in TN.
In the same census Mary Ann Tudor was living with John H (Henderson?) Officer Family in Overton Co, TN (Source G Williams) 
Tudor, Patricia Martha (I3647)
37 ! Sister to Martha Tudor who married J.C.D.Reese. Tudor, Mary Ann (I3552)
38 ! This may be the Henry C. Reese that was a volunteer Union soldier from MO, Battry ?? ,2Nd Mo.Light Artillery. PVT- 1st. Sgt.

The C May stand for Clark or Clay.

From Bob Reese and then Lillian Davis
1880's , Walnut twnshp, Bates cnty, Missouri

Walnut Township - H.C. Reese was born in Crittenden County, Kentucky, July 21, 1848, and was the son of G.C. and Mary V. Reese nee Mansfield. The former was born in Tennessee, and accompanied his parents to Kentucky, where he was married, subsequently settling in Johnson County, in 1856. In 1866, he went to Pettis County, where he now resides. The subject of this sketch was educated at Forest Grove Institute, after which for the succeeding two years he read law under Crandle & Sinnett, at Sedalia. Owing to failing health he turned his attention to the live stock trade in connection with farming. In 1871, Mr. Reese came from Pettis to Bates County, and is now the owner of 240 acres of find land, well improved, his farm being situated in section 30, and upon which he feeds a number of cattle. He is also a full partner in the firm of Little, Reese Bros., hardware and grocery merchants at Hume. Mr. R. was married January 11, 1872, to Miss Kate Gregg, a Virginian by birth, who was born April 9, 1858. Her parents were J.G. and Mattie (Sheppard) Gregg. She was educated at Fayetteville, Howard County, Missouri. Mr. and Mrs. Reese have three sons: William Clark, Earl Gregg and Henry Clay. He is a member of the Masonic fraternity. (History of Bates County, Missouri, 1883) 
Reese, Henry Clay (I3783)
39 ! William was in the Mex/Amer War with his brothers.
He returned from the war but only live d a few weeks. 
Reese, William (I3395)
40 !BIRTH & DEATH: Dates based on census.

!RELATIVE: Children's names from deeds - no proof of relationship. All
children's marriages from IGI.

!CENSUS: Have 1810, 1820, 1830, 1840, 1850, but not sure if they are for our
William Robinson. 
41 !BIRTH, DEATH & MARRIAGE: All data from Georgia Fletcher or Pat Smith.

!FGS: Have Family Group Sheet listing children.



1870 Census shows John and Sarah in Gainesvile, TX with live in help.

1850 Census same page as Elijah Reese Sr. 
42 !BIRTH, DEATH & MARRIAGE: All data from Georgia Fletcher or Pat Smith.

!RELIGION: Was Clergyman & Physician.

FGS: Have data from Military Pension Record for son REV. SHERWOOD R. REESE.

1830-40-50 Census in Morgan Co, TN

Sold 100 acres in Morgan Co to Davis in 1844.

Leading Physician in Morgan CO, TN (History of Johnson Co, MO)

At one time well-to-do, but lost his money
Witnessed deed for ELijah, Jr in Fayette Co., IL 12 April 1837

Sherwood, Caroline and John H sued James Hall (Bor of Caroline?) for equal distribution of estate of David Hall on 22 Dec 184x. Suit was pending in Chancery Court, Knoxville, TN

1852 Elijah, Sr divided his land between Sherwood and John C (300 acres) per Morgan Co., TN

From a list of CONFEDERATE war soldiers there was a Dr. Sherwood Reese and a Sherwood Reese. Note Sherwood R Reese was a Union Soldier.

Family story of helping his nephew Dr Sherwood Reese II in becoming a Dr. at Washington Universisty St.Louis Mo. 
43 !BIRTH: Born in covered wagon on border of Missouri/Ark.

!DEATH: Died of heart attack while chopping wood. Certificate in Vital Reords
section of Oklahoma Dept of Health. Died in Oklahoma moved to SENECA, NEWTON CO, MO for burial


!MISC: After appendicitis couldn't do farm work so had stud barn for mules.
Known for his delicious molasses

Have 1910 census which shows his father was born in TN not IL.
But have 1900 census which shows his father was born in IL and mother born in IL not MO. 
44 !BIRTH: Data from notes of William Compton.

!MARRIAGE: Recorded in Fauquier Co, VA.

!CENSUS: Have 1840, 1850, 1860 & 1870. In 1880 Lucinda is listed as a widow.

!LINK: Dad's Will. 
45 !BIRTH: Date from 1850 census. Place from Morgan County, Tenn history book.

!MARRIAGE: An ELIJAH married PHOEBE ROWEN on Mar 7, 1798 in Harrison County,
VA. No proof this is our Elijah. On deed in 1854 he listed his wife as
Rebecca. Other researchers guess she was MRS. HELM.

!DEATH: Date & place found in Deed dated Oct 31, 1854.

!CENSUS: Have 1800, 1810, 1830, 1840, 1850. Could have been in Tenn in 1820 for which there is no census.

!MISC: Morgan County, TN history book says he lived in S.C. where his 3 sons
were born and his wife died before coming to Tenn.

!PARENTS: History book says his father was ABRAHAM REESE of Surrey County, N.C.

Y DNA testing trying to match George Robert Reece and Clark Jay Reese shows clearly that they are not related through Abraham Reece.
Reese, Elijah Sr. (I1)
46 !BIRTH: Date from notes of William Compton.

!DEATH: Will recorded in Warren Co, VA.

!CENSUS: Have 1810, 1820, 1830, 1840. There is no 1800 census for VA.

!RELATIVE: Other children listed by Wm Compton but not named in his Will were:
47 !BIRTH: Date guessed from census.

!LINK: Inherited 1/2 of Dad's land, but had to sue brother to collect. 
48 !BIRTH: Date is a guess.

!DEATH: Not named in husband's Will, therefore date death estimate.

!PARENTS: Bradshaw thinks father is GEORGE JOHNSON, who with brother PRESLEY &
daughter NANCY traveled from Prince George's, MD to Fauquier, VA with
49 !BIRTH: Family Bible

!DEATH: Missouri Board of Health, Bureau of Vital Statistics.

!MARRIAGE: 1) On 15 June 1861 to CLEMMENS RUSH in Ark. Son WILLIAM RUSH born
July 1862.

!MISC: When Rush did not return from Civil War & her home was burned by
bushwackers, she walked, carrying her son, from Ark to Mo.

!MISC: After Dr. Sherwood died she took her large family to their farm to live
to escape the "city life" of a Missouri town.

This is Mary Ann's story as I (Lucile Reese) have heard it from Floyd and Ray. At the beginning of the Civil War, the House brothers joined the State Militia which was only expecting to keep order within the state. However, in some way they got involved in the Battle of Wilson's Creek near Springfield, MO, against the Federal force. That made them "rebels" and traitors, and since MO was a border state and control yo-yo'd from one side to the other, these Houses decided to go to Arkansas. Evidently Rush and wife Mary went too, or maybe they were married after they went there (In 1900 census Bill Rush said he was born in Ark.)

Mary Ann's husband, Clemmons Rush, was killed. I believe they said by bushwhackers, not in battle. Mary supported herself by weaving, but the bushwhackers came and tried to make her tell where her brothers were and burned her house, loom and all, of course. So she picked up Bill and stared for Missouri on foot. I have heard Floyd say that she said she got so hungry on the way that she ate grass. 
50 !BIRTH: From 1850 census. ROBINSON, JOHN (I144)

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