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51 !BIRTH: From Bible records & Sherwood Ray Reese.

!HONORS: First doctor in Mt. View, Mo. Considered to be very kind & generous.

!RELIGION: Mary Ann & Sherwood helped found the Baptist Church. He donated the
land for Old Mtn View Cemetary with the stipulation that no one was to pay to
be buried there. He also gave the land for Wayside Park.

!MILITARY: He served as a MO State militiaman under General Price at the Battle
of Wilson's Creek in the Civil War.

!CENSUS: Have 1850, 1870, 1880.

Time Event/Document Reference/Place

29 Jan 1840 Sherwood was born Vandalia, Ill.

4 May 1843 Mary Ann House was born Thomasville, Mo

about 1845 Mary Ann's father remarried (2) Summersville, Mo.

3 June 1846 Sherwood's brother Ben F. enlisted in the War with Mexico(6) Vandalia, Ill.

1 Sept 1847 Sherwood's brother Ben married (7) Fayette Co, Ill

Apr 1850 Mary Ann's sister Catherine was born (6) Mo.

27 Sept 1850 Census-Sherwood was 10 Massac Co, Ill

21 Nov 1850 Census-Mary Ann listed as 4 Texas Co, Mo.

1850 The phrase "Go west, young man, go west" was popular and railroads were starting to boom

1854 The Kansas-Nebraska act opened up those states and the iron plow was invented

8 July 1855 Sherwood's brother Wm was married (1 5) Fayette, Ill

12 July 1856 Mary Ann's brother John was married (13) Texas Co, Mo_

13 Aug 1857 Sherwood's brother John was married (17) Fayette Co, Ill

12 Apr 1861 Civil War began (21-1 7)

10 Aug 1861 Battle of Wilson Creek (21) Mo.

15 June 1861 Mary Ann married Clemmons Rush (18) Ark

July 1862 Mary Ann's son William Rush was born (19) Ark

9 Apr 1865 Civil War ended (25-21)

about 1866 Sherwood married Mary Welch (26) Mount Vernon, Ill

also 1866 Sherwood's son William (Terrip) was born (26) Ill.

Sept 1867 Sherwood's son John (Muck) was born (27) Ill.

15 Feb 1868 Sherwood's brother Ben F. remarried (28) Jefferson Co, Mo

24 Dec 1868 Mary Ann's brother Richard married (25) Texas Co, Mo.

23 Aug 1870 Mary Ann on Census with brother James House (25 on Census, Howell Co, Mo.

4 Feb 1871 Dr Sherwood married Mary Ann Rush (31-28) West Plains, Mo

about 1872 Dr Sherwood started practicing medicine West Plains

30 Nov 1872 Sherwood's brother George married (32) Fayette, Ill

26 Dec 1872 Son Sherwood born (32*29) Ark/Mo.

1 Nov 1873 Bought land from Weaver (33-30) Howell Co, Mo.

5 Dec 1874 Court Collection against him (34-31) Howell Co, Mo

Mar 1875 Son Lee was Born (35-32) Mo.

28 Apr 1876 Foreclosed by 'leaver (36-32) Howell Co, Mo.

13 Nov 1876 Bought land from Padgett (36-33) Howell Co, Mo.

27 Apr 1877 Court Case against J.M. Buff (37-33) West Plains, Mo.

16 Jan 1878 Bought land from Padgett (37-34) Howell Co, Mo.

24 Apr 1878 Signed note to John Goldsberry (38-34) Howell Co. Mo.

5 Feb 1879 Sold land to Daniel Osborn (39-35) Howell Co, Mo.

1879 daughter Emma born (39-36) Mo.

1880 Census (40-37) Mo.

Jan 1881 Son Isaac was born (40-38) Mo.

6 Dec 1881 Deed to Cole (41-38) Howell Co, Mo.

20 tar 1882 Sheriff's deed against Mary Reese (42-38) Howell Co, Mo.

2 Apr 1883 Sherwood's Doctor 's License approved (43-39) State of Mo.

Aug 1883 Son George was born (43-40) Howell Co, Mo.

26 Oct 1883 Deed to Pennington (43-40) Howell Co, Mo.

5 Mar 1884 Sherwood's doctor license was issued (44-40) St. Board of Health.

12 Apr 1884 Deed from Osborn (44-40) Howell Co, Mo.

8 Sept 1884 Deed to Wm Lile (44-41) Howell Co, Mo.

Nov. 1884 Nary Ann's grandson Harve Rush born (44-41) Mo.

Oct 1886 Daughter Ida was born, Mary Ann's grandson Edgar Rush was born (46-43) Mo.

26 May 1887 Son William T married (47-44) Howell Co, Mo

25 July 1889 Mortgage deed to Lucy A. Robinson (49-46) Howell Co, Mo.

Nov 1889 Son James was born (49-46) Mo.

14 Feb 1891 Grandson Sherwood Haimon (John Muck's) born (51-47) Mo.

9 May 1891 Received Power of attorney on Lucy Robinson (51-48)

May 1891 Mary Ann's grandson James Rush was born (51-48) Mo:

21 Oct 1891 Mary Ann accepted notes from Sarah A. Dehl (51-48) Mo.

24 May 1893 Son Sherwood was married (53-49) Mt. View, Howell Co

Oct 1892 Grandson Lee (John Muck) born (52-49) Mo.

23 Jan 1893 Dr Sherwood died (53-49) Kansas

May 1894 Granddaughter Ida Rush was born (50) Mo.

Aug 1894 Grandson Wm (Sherwood's) was born (51) Mo.

6 Nov 1894 Sherwood's brother Ben Frank died (51) Mt. View, Mo.

14 Dec 1894 Step-son Wm Terrip remarried (51) Mt. View, Mo.

25 Mar 1895 Ben's wife America filed for Civil War pension from Mary Ann House (51) Mt. View. Mo.

5 Apr 1896 Daughter Erma married (52) Her home at Mt View, Mo.

20 Apr 1896 Son Lee married (52) west Plains, Mo.

July 1896 Granddaughter Lennie Rush born (53) Mo.

13 Nov. 1896 Received back land for Sarah Dahl's notes (53) Howell Co.

Feb 1897 Grand-twins Fred and Sylvia born (Lee's) (53) Mo.

22 Mar 1898 Grandson Sherwood Ray was born (54) Mt View, Mo.

Nov 1898 Grandson Floyd (Lee's) was born (55) Mo.

Mar 1899 Step granddaughter Mary (John Muck's) was born (55) Mo.

Mar 1900 grandson Albert was born (57) Mo.

1900 Census-head of household (58) Shannon Co, Mo.

1 Aug 1925 Great grandson Raywood was born (82) Springfield, Mo.

25 Sept 1930 Great grandson Kern was born (87)

9 Mar 1935 Mary Ann died (91) Montier Township, Shannon Co, Mo

DR. SHERWOOD AND MARY ANN by June Ann Reese (1982)

I realize Dr. Sherwood was not born a doctor, but I have used the designation to distinguish him from the other Sherwood Reeses who come both before and after him. In any case he was born Jan 29,1840 in Vandalia, IL probably the last child of Elijah and Martha Reese.

Mary Ann House was born at Thomasville, MO on May 4th but we're not sure of what year. Her death Certificate says she was born in 1843. That information was supplied by her youngest son Jim. We have located her on 4 different censuses and none of them agree as to her correct age. Therefore, on the calendar of events I have given her age as if she were born in 1843, but secretly, I feel she is 3 years younger at each event. (Registrations of births, marriages and deaths only became universal in the 1900's-often before that those dates came from family stories and bibles.)

Odeniah Reese tells us that the family then moved to Summersville, MO where Mary Ann's mother died. She was 2 years old when her father remarried and the family moved to the Big Piney River for 2-3 years. The family eventually moved to Caroll County, AR.

Meanwhile, back in Vandalia IL, on June 3,1846 Dr. Sherwood's big brother enlisted as a Corporal in Company A of the Illinois Volunteers in the war against Mexico. (Not to be confused with the Spanish American War, which was much later.) Ben fought at Vera Cruz and Cerro Gordo then was discharged on May 23,1847 in New Orleans, LA. (See the section on Reese-Collatiral 8.2 for more information) Ben was 20 when he enlisted and Dr. Sherwood was 6 when he waved good-by. After his discharge from the army, Ben married Caroline Ross on Sept 2, 1847 at Vandalia, in Fayette, IL. By now Dr. Sherwood was 7.

On Sept 27,1850 Dr. Sherwood was listed as a 10 yr old on his father's census. By this time they had moved to Massac County, IL. On Nov. 21 of the same year Mary Ann was counted as a 4-year-old living with her father Josef House in Texas County, MO. I tend to base Mary Ann's age on that 1850 census because there is an obvious difference between a 4 year old and a 7 year old. (As she would be if born in 1843). However, father Josef was born in Germany and many have misunderstood the English-speaking census taker.

However, Dr. Sherwood and Mary Ann where growing up. He in Illinois and she in Missouri Fayette County, AR. Dr Sherwood's brothers William and John got married right, let's get used to the-- Missouri custom of giving people nicknames. As far as I know, William C. did not have a nickname, but John was known as John Red. In later years William C. did have a son John-known as John Tripp and our Dr. Sherwood had a son John - known as John Muck) Therefore what I mean is William C. married Sarah J. Gillmore on July 8, 1855 and John "Red" married Mary a Deal on Aug 13,1857. Both events occurred in Fayette County IL. An indication they did not return to follow Papa Elijah to Massor County (Or perhaps they came back for there brides.)

In the House household, when Mary Ann was 13, brother John married in Texas County, MO. By 1860 Civil War clouds were forming. We know Dr. Sherwood father, Elijah, was already in Willow Springs, Missouri, but we can't find Dr. Sherwood anywhere. (Or for that matter Mary Ann and her family.) That's on e of the mysteries we have yet to solve. So let's turn to family stories.

Let's start with Mary Ann. According to Odeniah, she married Clemmens Rush on June 15,1861, but I have not yet been able to find that t marriage. According to the 1900 census, her son William was born in July of 1862. She stayed with her stepmother in Marcon County, AR throughout the Civil War, now let's quote from Lucile..."Mary Ann Rush went to Little Rock and was supporting herself by weaving. The Bushwhackers caught up with her and tried to make her tell where her brothers were. They burned her house and loom."

When her husband did not return from the war she decided to go to her brothers house in Texas Co, MO. She picked up the baby, 18-month-old William, had started walking. She told her grandchildren later of how she was frightened of wild animals and afraid of more Bushwhackers. Other pioneers along the way sometimes gave them food and lodging. But still she became so hungry that she ate grass. At the time she could not of been more than 21 years old. When we pick her up again, she is living with her brother James in the Willow Springs area of Howell County about 150 miles!

Back to Dr. Sherwood-let me quote from the encyclopedia Britannica: "While many engagements were fought in Missouri, the most important was the battle of Wilson's Creek on Aug.10, 1861 when General Nathaniel Lyon was killed and outnumbered Union Troops were forced back toward Springfield. The Confederate forces were led by General Sterling Price.

The family story as recalled by Grandpa Ray indicates that Dr. Sherwood and several of Mary Ann's brothers were Missouri volunteers who enlisted to defend the state-not too specifically join either side. They found themselves under the command of General Price at the battle of Wilson's Creek. Sherwood was serving with Dr. Pickney French who later became a very famous physician (In fact, as Dean of the medical school, he signed the medical certificate for Dr. Owens who was Kern's baby doctor in Montebello.)

Dr. Sherwood was selected to deliver a message. Astride Billy Blount's valuable stud horse, he rode off. Hours later he found himself surrounded by Union Troops and furiously galloped the horse through parts of Texas County and eventually off a bluff killing Billy Mount's horse.

The Missouri Company was told to report to General Price and again fight the Union soldiers. Sherwood and several of the House brothers decided they did not want to fight against the United States. (5 days after the battle of Wilson's Creek, Dr. Sherwood's brother Benjamin Franklin enlisted in the Illinois Infantry. See that section about Elijah Reese Jr. for his story.) They headed south towards Arkansas and Dr. Sherwood hid at Billy Blount's house. Eventually the youngest House, Isaac, remained with the Army as evidenced by his war record found at the Adjutant General's Office of the Missouri National Guards.

On April 9, 1865 the Civil War ended and Dr. Sherwood returned to Illinois. Odeniah writes that he married Mary Welch in Mount Vernon, Ill. in about 1866. Even with much searching I have not yet found that marriage record. Their first son William (Terrip or Thomas) was born about 1866. Then in Sept 1867 (according to the 1900 census) John Lemuel (known as John Muck) was born.

Odeniah's research says that Mary Welch died in 1870. (Here again I have not yet found proof of that date.) But Dr. Sherwood left the 2 boys with their Grandmother Welch and returned to Missouri.

On Feb 4,1871 Sherwood was married to Mary Ann by William Goldsherry Minister of the Gospel. According to Grandpa Ray the ceremony took place in Mountain View's first Baptist Church. The present church is the fourth one and Dr. Sherwood had helped with the building of second and the third Baptist Churches. "Uncle Billy Goldsherry," as he was called was the father of John Goldsherry to whom Dr. Sherwood signed a note on April 23, 1878. He was also the Great Grandfather of Friendly Weaver, a long time friend of Grandpa Ray. I do not know why the marriage is recorded on 2 different pages of marriage Book A, but the date is the same even if the names are spelled differently.

(Incidentally when you see words misspelled in documents the mistakes were not made by me. I always copy every word exactly as it was written in the original.)

The newlyweds traveled to Illinois to pick up William Terrip and John Muck and with Mary Ann's son William Rush, they journeyed to Arkansas. There Dr. Sherwood made ties to buy his first medical books. 0deniah says that he also went to St. Louis to study medicine but I haven't had time to prove that yet. It was probably about this time that their first child, Sherwood decided to be born in a covered wagon on their trip from. Arkansas to West Plains, Mo.

The family story is that they were going to West Plains to visit some cousins named Galloway and so Dr. Sherwood could start to work with Dr. Gilmore. About two days a week the doctors would travel to Mountain View to tend to the sick there. Eventually Dr, Sherwood decided to remain in Mt. View and became their first physician. An Original copy of his Missouri license #536 is owned by Virgie (sis) Smith, daughter of James Reese, their youngest child. His license was issued by the state board of health in Hannibal, MO on March 5, 1883. He was given credit for 11 years of medical practice and was said to have been treating the sick even before that. Probably his interest developed from his association with Dr. Pickney French during the Civil War.

Ten years earlier at the age of 33, Dr. Sherwood started buying land. He bought a tract of 200 acres from Hezekiah and Catherine Weaver for $425 on Nov. 1, 1873. Notice that he didn't take the deed to West Plains to record until 4 years late on Nov 13,1877. The deed says the $425 was "received to my full satisfaction of Sherwood Reese," yet two and a half years later on April 28,1876 Hezekiah Weaver sued Sherwood and Mary Ann for $30 on the same parcel of land, was that why he didn't rescind the deed until 1877?

Who was P. Daniels and why was a piece of land owned by him and Dr. Sherwood ordered to be sold to a man named Shelton by the County Sheriff on Dec. 5, 1874?

The same day he rescinded the deed from Weaver, Dr. Sherwood recorded a deed from James and Martha Padgett for a tract of land in the Northeast quarter of Section 33, Township 27, Range 7. The Padgetts had quit claimed the land for the sum of $200. Two months after the Deeds were recorded, William T. and Malinda Padgett quit claimed an undivided quarter interest in several parcels of land-one of which included the same part of Section 33 that James Padgett quit claimed William Padgett's deed was for $75. It's my guess that the Padgett's owed Dr Sherwood money but $200 was awfully high for the 1870's There was a depression in the U.S. from 1873-1879. Here again Dr. Sherwood did not record the deed for 4 years. Was he waiting for them to buy back the land?

Dr. Sherwood also had many troubles as evidenced by the note that he signed for $175 to John Goldsberry. Notice 10% interest way back in April of 1878.

From Jan 1879 to Sept 1884, Dr. Sherwood and Mary Ann recorded many deeds-8 of which I've included. Notice the deed to Daniel Osborn written Feb. 5, 1879. In those days in Missouri (and many other states) they had a "double rights" law. When a married man sold a piece of property, the local Justice of the peace would state that he personally knew the wife, that he took her aside from her husband and made her "acquainted with the contents" of the deed. (Many women couldn't read so they legally used those words) The wife then would acknowledge that she executed the instrument. If she didn't acknowledge it, and her husband later died, she could claim the land as her inheritance even though the husband had been paid for the land. I talked to Jim (June Ann's son) about dower rights and he said many states still have the law, but they usually limit the time in which the wife can claim the land-such as within 3 years. Now back to the deed of Feb. 5, 1879-Notice Mary Ann did not sign her acknowledgement, nor did she sign the deed. Maybe she wasn't present when it was drawn and they planned she would sign it later.

Then there's the 3-page deed whereby the Sheriff sells land that belonged to J.M. Padgett (who hadn't paid the taxes) to Dr. Sherwood for $1.00. All that witting for only $1.00. Also note, Padgett owed the taxes on Aug 26,1879 and he signed a deed to Dr. Sherwood on Nov 13,1879. Evidently Dr. Sherwood was a very generous man who continually came to the aid of his neighbors.

I've included a couple of deeds of interest in our study of Mary Ann. One indicates she did not pay taxes and the Sheriff sold the land for $28.50 to H.D. Green. I haven't yet found the deed where she first acquired the band.

Then there's the deed where she and Dr. Sherwood sold the land to George Cole. Notice that she signed it with a mark, as if she couldn't write her name. But on the next deed to Wayne Pennington her name is written. In the 1900 Census, when asked if she could read or write she wrote "no" to both questions. Grandpa feels she may have been to shy to read or write in public. Also remember her grandfather was born in Germany and spoke only German. It's possible that in her growing years they didn't always use English in the home.

Back to the deed to Wayne Pennington. Dr. Sherwood and Mary Ann sold the land to his on Oct. 26, 1883-that's 3 years before he married Lucy Ann and the deed indicates he was from Shannon County.

Which leads us to the next two deeds. They rightfully belong in the section about Lucy Ann and William Robinson. But in small Missouri town's families seem to get intermingled. Remember that in Nov. of 1881, Dorcas father William Robinson died and Lucy Ann had a struggle to raise three daughters. So in July of 1889, Dr Sherwood and Mary Ann signed a promissory note whereby they said they borrowed $500 from Lucy A. Robinson. They secured the note with a parcel of land containing 10 acres. (That must have been valuable land -10 acres for $500.)

Anyhow, 2 years later we have a General Power of Attorney to Dr. Sherwood by the U S Marshal that is tied to the promissory note and deed. Kern and I were quite puzzled by this. We knew there was no income tax in those days. Yet a U.S. Marshal attached Lucy Ann's note. Grandpa finally came up with the story-a quietly kept family secret that you'll find in the section on the Robinson family.

Shortly thereafter Dr. Sherwood began to have health problems, of his own. When Sher married Dorcas on May 24, 1892, it was his mother Mary Ann who traveled to West Plains to give her consent. Was his father too ill? Note from opposite page-- (When I first read the record in the County book, the date seemed to say 1892. However; the copy Lucy Ann sent to Washington says 1893. Therefore, Dr. Sherwood had already died.)

We are told that Dr. Sherwood died at the age of 53 on January 23,1893. I have very diligently hunted for his death record to no avail. Grandpa Ray says that he had gone to Kansas's hospital for treatment of alcoholism. As he was recovering he helped in the wards, contacting pneumonia and died as a result of this. I have contacted the Kansas State Dept. of health and 3 leading Kansas hospitals. None of them could help me. I sent to West Plains, Mo. for his probate package and very delightful women named Mrs. Fern Freeman, in an effort to save me money, sent only the last page which lists the names and ages of his heirs. I hope to obtain the complete packet soon.

Mary Ann was left a widow at the age of 49 with children living at home from age 17 to 30. On the advice of a friend, she decided to move to the better environment on a farm.

To quote Odenah, it has been said of Dr. Reese and his wife that he had compassion and "took-in" any child who needed help or a home. He owned much property in and near Mountain View. He gave a deed to the city for the "Old Mountain View Cemetery, " with the stipulation that no lots were to be sold, but instead taken for free. He was a great contributor to the Baptist Church in materials and labor. Their hundred-year anniversary book says, "Andrew Touts, Dr. Reese, Lawson Willbanks and Silas Compton, hewed trees and sawed the lumber at the Willbank's saw mill. This was, at first, a loved framed building, no floors, only where the pulpit stood, and only openings for windows. The public school asked to use the building as the attendance had outgrown the designated schoolhouse south of town. The book also says, "On the deed to the original Baptist Church land, Dr. Sherwood Reese, husband of Mary Ann House, a charter member, came into Church membership was declared Manager of the business affairs of the church while the building or repairing was carried on."

But life continued on for Mary Ann. In 1896 she had to go to court to foreclose on a mortgage made 5 years earlier involving a Mercantile Company and a Dry Goods Store. On the 1900 Census she was recorded as head of the family in Shannon County with children Isaac, George, Ida and James. She died there on March 9,1925. Lucile made a drawing of the headstones shared by Dr. Sherwood and Mary Ann at the Mountain View Cemetery. 
52 !BIRTH: From husband's military pension application.

!DEATH: And other data from family Bible.

!MARRIAGE: Family story says she stole father's horse & eloped after Civil War. 
53 !BIRTH: From IGI.

!MARRIAGE: Recorded in Fauquier Co, VA. 
54 !BIRTH: On census listed birthplace as VA, but EDITH DELAFOSSE says she was
of German descent from Penn.

!MARRIAGE: First married to JOHN HICKMAN.

!DEATH: Date based on husband's second marriage. 
55 !DEATH & BIRTH: From obituary.

!LINK: No proof this is son of our Elias Clark.

56 !DEATH: Appraisement recorded in Frederick Co, VA Will Book 24, pg 181.

!CENSUS: In 1850 lived next door to daughter Elizabeth Ridings in Frederick Co. 
57 !DEATH: From DAR Patriotic Series. WIGFIELD, MATTHEW JR. (I125)
58 !DEATH: Killed in car accident.
Newspaper account said he was sideswiped by an oil truck on the top of a hill on US highway 63.
A Miss Majoie Rowlett was a passenger. Luther was decapitated in the crash.
!FGS: Have Family Group Sheet with very little data on it.

!PARENTS: Bessie's father was LINK DUNCAN.
1930 Census shows a Mary Andrews, 63, as a boarder. She is from PA. 
59 !DEATH: Since not mentioned in John's Will, probably died before him. ODER, CHARLOTTE (I106)
60 !DEATH: Stephanie Fitzpatrick says she died in her teens. ROBINSON, MARTHA MARY (I140)
61 !FGS: Have Family Group Sheet with data mainly from family members.


!RELATIVE: DR. DON THOMAS is descendant.
Shares tombstone with John Thomas 
62 !FGS: Have Family Group Sheet with data mainly from family members.

!RELATIVE: SIS SMITH is descendant.

!MISC: Have picture from newspaper of him riding a horse.
1930 Census shows his name as John. Also shows Mary Reese at 87 in the household. 
63 !FGS: Have Family Group Sheet with data mainly from family members.
1930 Census shows Ike and Mintia at 49, Goldie 16, Jim 14, Paul 12, and Lynn 11

Have Death Certificate for a Floyd Reese dying 28 April 1910 born 20 Feb 1898 from measles in Mt View, MO 
64 !FGS: Have Family Group Sheet with data mainly from family members. REESE, EMMA Joyce (I19)
65 !FGS: Have Family Group Sheet with data mainly from family members. REESE, GEORGE ELIJAH (I21)
66 !FGS: Have Family Group Sheet with data supplied by family members.

!RELATIVE: JEAN CREAGAN & BETTY DASSO are her daughters & supplied most of the data. 
67 !FGS: Have Family Group Sheets & lots of other data.

contributed to data.

Horse in picture is named "Nellie" and taken in 1934. 
REESE, Lee Marshall (I18)
68 !FGS: Have Family Group Sheets & other data.

!RELATIVE: ODENIAH REESE was descendant & supplied most of data.

!PARENTS: Miriah's parents were HARMON PINNELL & NANCY MC COY. 
69 !FGS: Have Family Group Sheets & other data.

!RELATIVE: VIVIENNE WILBANK is descendant and supplied most of data.

REESE, William Thomas (I14)
70 !FGS: Have Family Group Sheets listing children & other information.

!RELATIVE: GEORGIA FLETCHER, PAT SMITH & LOTTIE KING are descendants. Most data is from their records.

Sold property in 1878 in Laclede Twp, IL
On personal Tax Rolls in Howell Co, MO 1880-81-82-84-86 
71 !FGS: Most of data from Doug Bradshaw.

!CENSUS: On Tax List for Fauquier Co, VA from 1783-1793.

!RELATIVE: Data for children's marriages from Bonds. 
72 !FGS: Name & basic data from notes of Wm Compton.

!BIRTH & DEATH: Dates guessed by analysis of census.

!CENSUS: Have 1797, 1810, 1820, 1830. There is no 1800 census for VA. 
[Data furnished by Velma Lucile Montgomery and June Ann Reese]


BIRTH: Have copy of Certificate (she prepared herself).

DEATH: Have Certificate & Obit.

HONORS: She graduated from Southwest Missouri State College. She taught school with husband @ Boliver & Seymour, MO. She was President of the North Ranchito PTA, the Whittier Council PTA, & the 33rd District PTA. She was a 30 year member of the Pico Woman's Club. When she died, the L.A. County Board of Supervisors held a moment of silence in her honor.

RELIGION: Active in the First Baptist Church of Pico Rivera. 
74 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. LUSBY, J.A. (I56)
75 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. REESE, J.L. (I60)
76 !HONORS: Graduated from Antioch College, graduate work at MIT. Executive at Shell Oil Company. REESE, CLARK JAY (I54)
77 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. REESE, S.K. (I59)
78 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. REESE, K.A. (I58)
79 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. REESE, S.J. (I57)
80 !HONORS: President of Pico Rivera Kiwanis Club and Pico Rivera Board of
Realtors. Graduated from USC in 1952. Teacher at Rio Hondo Community College.
Owner and President of Reese Realty, Inc.

!MILITARY: Instructed MASH units in Korean War. 
81 !HONORS: Served on School Board for Beverly Hills School District, CA. REESE, CHAMP MICHAEL (I38)
82 !HONORS: Teacher in Riverside School District. REESE, RUTH LA RUE (I39)
83 !HONORS: Vice President of Sanwa Bank.

84 !MARRIAGE: 2) On 3 Mar 1858 to MARY A. BROHARD. Both marriages recorded in
Harrison Co, W.VA.

!DEATH: Howell Co, MO land patent listed him as deceased.

!RELATIVE: STEPHANIE FITZPATRICK is descendant & contributed data.

!CENSUS: Have 1840, 1850, 1860, 1870.

!LINK: On second marriage listed parents as WILLIAM & MARY ROBINSON of Harrison

The trouble with the earlier Robinsons is that there were too many of them, especially those named William!

A friend of mine search the Virginia census records until he was able to locate our William as a 5 year old in 1850 and a 15 year old in 1860. But a quick glance reveals that his father had a different wife in each census. Therefore we can assume that William's mother, Cecilia, died between 1850 and 1860.

Searching the Harrison County marriage records in Clarksburg revealed two marriages for William W. Robinson. The first was to Cecilia Hickman in 1831 and the second was to Mary A. Brohard in 1858. The second certificate gave William's age (which matches the census), his parent's names (William & Mary), and his occupation (a carpenter). We can now go back another generation.


This is where the confusion begins. There are so many William Robinsons in the early history of Virginia that it is
difficult to distinguish the William & Mary who are parents of our William W. I have some lovely deed records from the late 1700's, but I'm not sure they apply to OUR William. There are also tithe records, court minute books, land entry records, etc. In 1820 there were five William Robinsons living in Harrison County, Virginia alone, not counting all the William Robinsons in other counties. It is going to take loads of research to figure out who is who!


1807 William was born Harrison Co, Va
28 Jul 1831 William married Cecilia (23) Harrison Co,Va
1832 daughter Jemima born (24) Va
1834 daughter Virginia born (26) Va
1838 son Joseph born (30) Va
1840 Census (32) Harrison Co,Va
1842 son Edward born (34) Va
7 Oct 1844 son William born Harrison Co,Va
1849 daughteer Martha born (41) Va
16 Jun 1850 Census (42) Clarksburg,Harrison, Va
3 Mar 1858 Wm married Mary Brohard (51) Harrison Co, Va
1860 Census (53) Clarksburg, Harrison, Va 
85 !MARRIAGE: 2) On Apr 8, 1966 to FLORENCE B. LUSBY (my mother & son's
mother-in-law); 3) Dec 1976 to MYRTLE MERTZ.

!HONORS: Superintendent of Schools in Pico Rivera, Ca; founder of Pico
Citizens Bank (later became Sanwa Bank); charter member & financial sponsor of
El Rancho Masonic Lodge; active in local government including serving on the
Pico Rivera Parks Commission.

!CENSUS: Have 1900, 1910.
Funeral at Emmerson Bartlett Yucaipa Chapel with Yucaipa Masonic LOdge #726 F&AM officiating Interment was in Rose Hills Memorial Park. 
Bisbee, Ariz. 
89 !MARRIAGE: Bond recorded in Fauquier Co, VA. CLARK, DOLLY (I65)
90 !MARRIAGE: Recorded in Fauquier Co, VA. WIGFIELD, DORCUS (I120)
91 !MILITARY: Stephanie Fitzpatrick says he was in Andersonville Prison & may have
died there. 
92 !MISC: Several colorful stories about Mary Jane and her first husband.
Per June Ann Reese this is the Bent Taylor thaat shot Elijay in the leg.

1860 Census Mary Jane, 26, is in head of household of John Taylor, age 46, Alexander, age 26 (Bent?), Riley J, age 21, (Bent's best friend that was murdered?), Nancy J, and Martha J as well as Luther B age 3 years and Adna Age 8/12. Could Luther also be the son of Mary Jane?

1870 Goldsberry Census whos James D 1 year old and Trissa C 2 months old with father JK Polk and mother Mary J anlong with John Taylor's five children.

Probably died in 1870/71 from complications of child birth...Lutecia? John K Polk remarried in 1873

1880 Census in the household of Martha J (Taylor) Crowder are the 3 youngest Taylors: L Benton, Susan Ann and N Susan sisters of Martha J, widow of Joshua. 
93 !MISC: The town of House, New Mexico was named for his eldest son John. HOUSE, FRANCIS MARION (I203)

!FGS: Have Family Group Sheet & other data from descendant DOUG BRADSHAW. 

!MILITARY: Have Civil War record & pension application.

!CENSUS: Have 1850, 1860, 1880 & Lucy in 1900, 1910. 
97 !RELATIVE: Data supplied by IRENE PEVELER, descendant. PERKINS, RICHARD (I231)
98 !RELATIVE: DOUG BRADSHAW is descendant & contributed most of data.

!CENSUS: Have 1776, 1784 & 1810. There is no 1800 VA census. 
99 !RELATIVE: DOUG BRADSHAW is descendant & contributed most of data. WIGFIELD, MATTHEW (I124)
100 !RELATIVE: EVELYN WATSON is descendant & contributed Family Group Sheet.


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