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Our Reese Family & Many Other Genealogy Pages Jewell Keeling

Updates -- 1 Aug 2016

Almost 2 years since the last update! I have finally got myself together.There are a lot of things to do. I am going to start by taking the data from my PC program (Roots Magic 7) and put it on the web. I have aleast kept up with the information you have given me on the PC.

Then I will upgrade many features on the web site that have been accruing. These will make it easier to understand the data.

Some tips for personal data for living persons. For dates, just enter the year. For names enter the first letter for first and middle names. And finally, I hope you know to lie about your mothers-maiden-name. Recognize your personal data is already on the web, try googling it.

Also, I hope to start including some of my wife's data. And then there is some new DNA data I want to capture.

I appreciate your help and surpport. We have an amazing family... Clark

Updates -- 9 Oct 2014

This summer I was able to capitalize on my daughter's research skills (a professor of English at the University of South Carolina at Sumter) and add hundreds of census and document records to our family history. She did her doctorate at the University of Missouri in Columbia. I hope I am able to get more of her time but appreciate what she has done.

I have installed a new version of the web program, The Next Generation (TNG). The most notable item is the ability to search basis married names. There are lot of other enhancements including smart phone and tablet features. I enjoy working the program about as much as the genealogy.

On the DNA front, the family story of two brothers Elisha and Elijah has been confirmed with matching DNA. What we don't know is who is their father? Thanks to Robert Donald Reese in Houston, Texas for the work.

I have built up a significant backlog of family history and corrections so I expect to be busy working on it this fall. Keep those pictures and stories coming.


Updates -- 1 Jun 2014

Our women are beautiful and our men are handsome and tough. Extensive place corrections.

167 relatives have had their information added or changed since mid March. Several times a month I get emails about a new branch of the family. (The unusual one this month was a relative descended from the Mayflower!-more to come.) We then start working to add this information to our family database. We are a fascinating family...into everything and all over the world.

If you have family pictures of folks in the 1900s share them. Those who have Facebook pages point me to the pictures you want to share.

Of the approximately 6,000 relatives on the database only 20% are living. Our security setting is that you have to be a vetted (by me) relative in order to access the database.

Enjoy ... Clark
Updates -- 15 March 2014

I have been working on "filling in" the data I have with the supporting census, birth, marriage and all kinds of other facts. Cleaning up the references to pictures too. As a result I have touched more than 169 people in the database. I really need your help in getting names, places and dates squared away. Use the suggestion feature of just send an email with the right information. I have added a "contributors" list to appreciate the work that others have done before.

Thanks... Clark

Updates -- 15 December 2013

Facebook is a genealogical delight with all the pictures! Also the 1940 US census bridges us with our ancestors of the early 20th century. In the past month I have added to our database information and pictures to the following four family branches:

Isaac (Ike) Reese (lots more work to do on this tree)

Charles Woodrow Reese (Yeh Trisha)

Margie Reese (read about her mother's bout with the medical establishment)

Ronald Gene Hatcher Sr (Thanks Kim)

I found Dr., Rev., Sherwood Reese's Civil War draft registration. Also there were many more family branches where I included 1940 census information. Don't forget to read about Such a deal!

Updates -- 11 Nov 2013

I installed Google Analytics to measure the amount and kind of internet activity this web site is receiving. Click on Google Analytics to see a report.

On a monthly average about 4 people look at this web page everyday and of them about 75% are new viewers. Each viewer looks at about 6 pages (there is a page for each person in the database). So far viewers are from 32 different states. As I learn more I will share it with you. Right now I am glad to know this level interest in our family web page.

Updates --- 1 Sep 2013

It hasn't been a month since I updated the database and you can thank Wanda Jo Gardner and Bonnie Patterson for suplying me a great deal of information as well as pictures. They both have their data managed by computer so they were able to send me GEDCOM files. This makes it a lot easier to share data. I believe they both used the program Family Tree Maker.We will continue to add pictures and other documents to the collection.

You might find it interesting to read about Wanda Jo's son Larry Stevens who has had an interesting music career. He was lead guitar with Seals and Croft. I noted the YouTube address on his page.

The links I have included can be bookmarked so that you can easily return to these pages.... Enjoy Clark

Updates and Changes --- 6 Aug 2013

I have an idea but I am not sure how to go about it. Back in June I put some recordings of Wade Reese on the web page. Didn't think too much about it. He had some great stories and I enjoyed his country singing. I began to think about collecting and sharing more music from our relatives. So for an example I downloaded some music from our cousin Joe Simunac. In the 80s-early 90s he was with several groups of people singing a Renaissance style. If you have a username and password you can listen to him. (Geanalogically he his Wades 2nd cousin twice removed.)

But my question is can I put the music on my web site without worrying about copyrights and performance rights? I also would like to put video on as well. There are several of you who are in the music business and I would appreciate any advice. I want everything to be public domain like our faces.

I am collecting a whole lot of information for the Montana branch of our family and soon you will start seeing more pictures. Now you can read the Story of Myrtle. Joe has filled in lots of background on Reese in his branch. Join them. I am pulling lots of stuff on Facebook and other online sources.

I find that as I add more information, the more I learn about the how the computer system helps share the myraids of facts. Simple things like you can show Census data by family and not have to duplicate it each time for individuals.

I still use the PC program (Roots Magic 6) as my main database. But I am working to getting the information downloaded to the web site done more quickly. Please continue sending me information via emails. Thank you for your help.


Updates and Changes --- 16 June 2013

It has been a year since I last updated the database so I would like to make some comments.

First, most of my effort has been to get the location or place database up to date and consistent. There are 1,250 places mentioned each with a city, county, state, country and their latitude and longitude. All of them are consistently named. For example: Mt View is noted only as Mountain View, Howell, Missouri, United States. There are still a few places that have incorrectly used churches or cemeteries or hospitals as places, but I am working on correcting them now.

Several good things happen when the place is correctly geocoded. First, most good genealogy programs have access to Bing or Google Maps which allows you to see exactly where this place is and even allows you to get a feel for the actual terrain of the place. Second, on the web page, TNG (the web genealogy program) has a feature that lets you follow along all of your genealogical facts to see how you have moved around. Go to my page

Me!--my page

and you can I have migrated across the US and that I went to Australia for part of my education. There is an add-on for TNG that allows me to include other relatives and we can follow the family migrations across our country. Stay tuned.

Finally there is a real nifty link set up in TNG to Wikipedia. There are thousands and thousands of people who have written Wikipages for the city, county, state and countries. Chamber of Commerce, libraries, schools, etc. So if you click on the magnifying glass by the place name you will get the Wikipage. Mountain View has a geographical kind of entry, but my home town of Pico, California has a history entry stating Pico was the home of the last Mexican governor of California. All of this information is being maintained by others and tapped by TNG.

New additions to the database. Recently I got some great soundtracks from the clan of Reese's living in Montana. Go to Wade Reese's page

Wade Reese's page

Wade tells the story of his early life in Mountain View and Montana. Also he likes to sing and we have recordings for you to listen. They are great. Listen to Alva Montgomery's story too—enjoy hearing about her honeymoon to the World's Fair in St Louis in 1904. Added several Histories or stories. Learn about the first of our clan Elijah Reese. On my mother's side there is the letter from my GG grandfather describing conditions in the Civil War. You have to be patient with these stories, they are the result of many years of research. Also we added about 100 new people to our list of relatives. While we have 2000+ pictures and other images, we need more.

There has been a lot of discussion in the news about internet security. I try to limit our access to family members only. With an account you can find information about living members otherwise you can only view the surname without any access to facts, pictures, or documents. I reveal less than you would see on Facebook. I also believe that ultimately people will be able to access anything on the internet or your PC. As a result, I do not include any information that I would not be willing to share. No Social Security numbers of living people, bank accounts, or user names and passwords. I also believe that people have overblown what can be done with the information-such as identity theft. So for my pages I put no restraints on my information. I hope that you share my view and share in the fun of learning our family roots. The Internet is just a great way for us to communicate our family story.

I am looking forward to receiving your help in putting together our story. Take some time and look at what we have.


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