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Allen, Kentucky, United States

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Allen, Kentucky, United States
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Tree: ReeseFamily
Latitude: 36.7505611, Longitude: -86.2000000


Matches 1 to 26 of 26

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 BOUCHER, Adelia  21 Jan 1852Allen, Kentucky, United States I1589 ReeseFamily 
2 BOUCHER, Alfred Thacker  29 Jan 1854Allen, Kentucky, United States I1591 ReeseFamily 
3 BOUCHER, CARY  4 Jun 1802Allen, Kentucky, United States I799 ReeseFamily 
4 BOUCHER, Cary  12 Feb 1812Allen, Kentucky, United States I1496 ReeseFamily 
5 BOUCHER, ENOCH S.  2 May 1811Allen, Kentucky, United States I802 ReeseFamily 
6 BOUCHER, HARRISON  14 Jan 1814Allen, Kentucky, United States I803 ReeseFamily 
7 BOUCHER, JACOB A.  8 Nov 1804Allen, Kentucky, United States I800 ReeseFamily 
8 BOUCHER, JOHN GOODNIGHT  22 Jan 1809Allen, Kentucky, United States I801 ReeseFamily 
9 BOUCHER, Lycurgus  22 Jun 1850Allen, Kentucky, United States I1588 ReeseFamily 
10 BOUCHER, MARY Polly  6 Mar 1798Allen, Kentucky, United States I761 ReeseFamily 
11 BOUCHER, Stanford  24 Apr 1848Allen, Kentucky, United States I1587 ReeseFamily 
12 Pruitt, Marvin  15 May 1878Allen, Kentucky, United States I1626 ReeseFamily 
13 Pruitt, Nero  26 Mar 1880Allen, Kentucky, United States I1627 ReeseFamily 
14 SMITH, POLLY  Allen, Kentucky, United States I790 ReeseFamily 
15 SPILMAN, Arrena  18 Dec 1831Allen, Kentucky, United States I702 ReeseFamily 
16 SPILMAN, ELIZA  Abt 1829Allen, Kentucky, United States I767 ReeseFamily 
17 SPILMAN, JOHN  22 Nov 1793Allen, Kentucky, United States I752 ReeseFamily 
18 SPILMAN, JOHN JASPER  21 Apr 1827Allen, Kentucky, United States I766 ReeseFamily 
19 SPILMAN, JULIA FRANCES  9 Feb 1836Allen, Kentucky, United States I769 ReeseFamily 
20 SPILMAN, MARY MASSEY  15 Dec 1824Allen, Kentucky, United States I765 ReeseFamily 
21 SPILMAN, NANCY ELLEN  1 Apr 1834Allen, Kentucky, United States I768 ReeseFamily 
22 SPILMAN, NATHAN COSBY  3 Feb 1823Allen, Kentucky, United States I764 ReeseFamily 
23 SPILMAN, SALLY  Abt 1802Allen, Kentucky, United States I749 ReeseFamily 
24 SPILMAN, SALLY BOUCHER  13 Apr 1821Allen, Kentucky, United States I763 ReeseFamily 
25 SPILMAN, THERESA EVALINE  21 Nov 1837Allen, Kentucky, United States I770 ReeseFamily 
26 SPILMAN, THOMAS FISHER  27 Nov 1817Allen, Kentucky, United States I762 ReeseFamily 


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 BOUCHER, PETER JR.  Nov 1854Allen, Kentucky, United States I784 ReeseFamily 
2 Goodnight, Isaac  14 Oct 1869Allen, Kentucky, United States I2030 ReeseFamily 
3 MASSEY, MARY  Abt 1820Allen, Kentucky, United States I739 ReeseFamily 
4 WADDELL, JANE  1814Allen, Kentucky, United States I780 ReeseFamily 


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 BOUCHER, ISAAC  Allen, Kentucky, United States I798 ReeseFamily 
2 BOUCHER, Lucinda  Allen, Kentucky, United States I1979 ReeseFamily 
3 BOUCHER, Malissa A.  Allen, Kentucky, United States I1980 ReeseFamily 
4 BOUCHER, Marshall N  Allen, Kentucky, United States I1981 ReeseFamily 
5 BUCHANAN, MARY  Allen, Kentucky, United States I807 ReeseFamily 
6 Cooksey, John W.  Allen, Kentucky, United States I1985 ReeseFamily 


Matches 1 to 16 of 16

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 BOUCHER /   3 May 1829Allen, Kentucky, United States F595 ReeseFamily 
2 BOUCHER / BUCHANAN  8 Jul 1833Allen, Kentucky, United States F292 ReeseFamily 
3 BOUCHER / Finney  1825Allen, Kentucky, United States F590 ReeseFamily 
4 BOUCHER / SMITH  Allen, Kentucky, United States F290 ReeseFamily 
5 BOUCHER / Sutton  Aug 1845Allen, Kentucky, United States F614 ReeseFamily 
6 BOUCHER / Travis  25 Aug 1830Allen, Kentucky, United States F591 ReeseFamily 
7 GRIFFIN / SPILMAN  Allen, Kentucky, United States F271 ReeseFamily 
8 GRIFFIN / SPILMAN  26 Sep 1821Allen, Kentucky, United States F272 ReeseFamily 
9 OLIVER / SPILMAN  Allen, Kentucky, United States F274 ReeseFamily 
10 PATTEN / SPILMAN  Allen, Kentucky, United States F273 ReeseFamily 
11 SPILMAN / BOUCHER  Abt 1816Allen, Kentucky, United States F250 ReeseFamily 
12 SPILMAN / FURGESON  Allen, Kentucky, United States F267 ReeseFamily 
13 SPILMAN / GARRISON  Allen, Kentucky, United States F268 ReeseFamily 
14 SPILMAN / SEARS  Allen, Kentucky, United States F269 ReeseFamily 
15 Sutton / BOUCHER  Abt 1845Allen, Kentucky, United States F615 ReeseFamily 
16 WILLIAMS / SPILMAN  28 Sep 1836Allen, Kentucky, United States F277 ReeseFamily 

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