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Texas, United States

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Texas, United States
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Tree: ReeseFamily
Latitude: 31.2502806, Longitude: -99.2502806


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Annalee  Sep 1871Texas, United States I6461 ReeseFamily 
2 Elva E  1900Texas, United States I6400 ReeseFamily 
3 Florence  1901Texas, United States I13170 ReeseFamily 
4 Kathleen  1916Texas, United States I6513 ReeseFamily 
5 Lillian  1902Texas, United States I6497 ReeseFamily 
6 Maud  1893Texas, United States I6503 ReeseFamily 
7 Tommie  Abt 1910Texas, United States I6593 ReeseFamily 
8 Adams, James Euell  18 Dec 1899Texas, United States I3664 ReeseFamily 
9 Adams, M.   I3666 ReeseFamily 
10 Adams, P.   I3665 ReeseFamily 
11 Adams, Wade Hampton  Feb 1863Texas, United States I6460 ReeseFamily 
12 Allen, Glenn R  1902Texas, United States I6445 ReeseFamily 
13 Apperson, Catherine  Abt 1902Texas, United States I3633 ReeseFamily 
14 Apperson, Ethel  Abt 1898Texas, United States I3630 ReeseFamily 
15 Apperson, Frank  Abt 1894Texas, United States I3626 ReeseFamily 
16 Apperson, Glen  Abt 1897Texas, United States I3629 ReeseFamily 
17 Apperson, Mae  Abt 1896Texas, United States I3627 ReeseFamily 
18 Apperson, Nina  Abt 1899Texas, United States I3631 ReeseFamily 
19 Apperson, Reese  Abt 1900Texas, United States I3632 ReeseFamily 
20 Boucherie, Lucienne  1883Texas, United States I1960 ReeseFamily 
21 Burton, Sarah  11 Dec 1914Texas, United States I3619 ReeseFamily 
22 Carpenter, K.   I3568 ReeseFamily 
23 Clark, D.   I6307 ReeseFamily 
24 Coleman, Marie Louise  1891Texas, United States I6333 ReeseFamily 
25 Cox, Jacqueline  Texas, United States I2550 ReeseFamily 
26 Crow, Berti  1893Texas, United States I6376 ReeseFamily 
27 Crow, Eddie  Abt Nov 1879Texas, United States I6397 ReeseFamily 
28 Crow, Gerti  1893Texas, United States I6375 ReeseFamily 
29 Crow, Minnie Ella  1877Texas, United States I6372 ReeseFamily 
30 Crow, Ruby Rochelle  1891Texas, United States I6374 ReeseFamily 
31 Crow, William Alfred  1884Texas, United States I6373 ReeseFamily 
32 Dennis, Monroe Jefferson  1893Texas, United States I13169 ReeseFamily 
33 Dennis, Tom  1867Texas, United States I13171 ReeseFamily 
34 Dennis, Vada Florence  24 Dec 1914Texas, United States I13160 ReeseFamily 
35 Eanes, Mattie  Abt 1874Texas, United States I3611 ReeseFamily 
36 Goad, Marthe Milre  7 Apr 1899Texas, United States I6437 ReeseFamily 
37 Gordon, Russell Grahame Jr  21 Jun 1926Texas, United States I6440 ReeseFamily 
38 Grey, Nancy Jane  1862Texas, United States I3948 ReeseFamily 
39 Grunder, S.K.   I2175 ReeseFamily 
40 Hall, Flavia  Sep 1872Texas, United States I6562 ReeseFamily 
41 Harcrow, Julia Geneva  13 Feb 1914Texas, United States I6476 ReeseFamily 
42 Harris, Jo Catheryne  22 Sep 1927Texas, United States I3677 ReeseFamily 
43 Hatley, Alice  23 Sep 1862Texas, United States I4571 ReeseFamily 
44 Hatley, Green Thomas "Brite"  22 Jan 1866Texas, United States I4650 ReeseFamily 
45 Hatley, John Worley  23 Feb 1868Texas, United States I4651 ReeseFamily 
46 Hatley, Rebecca Wood  12 Dec 1852Texas, United States I4667 ReeseFamily 
47 Hughes, Aubrey  1901Texas, United States I6382 ReeseFamily 
48 Isbell, Frank Alexander  23 Apr 1898Texas, United States I13152 ReeseFamily 
49 Isbell, J.   I13159 ReeseFamily 
50 King, Sarah Frances  19 Nov 1904Texas, United States I5204 ReeseFamily 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Allison, Mattie Missouri  5 Feb 1928Texas, United States I4644 ReeseFamily 
2 Apperson, Frank  Aft 1894Texas, United States I3626 ReeseFamily 
3 Hatley, John Worley  Dec 1867Texas, United States I4647 ReeseFamily 
4 HOUSE, HANNAH  10 Nov 1933Texas, United States I204 ReeseFamily 
5 HOUSE, JAMES HIRAM  8 May 1925Texas, United States I222 ReeseFamily 
6 HOUSE, WALTER  12 Jun 1905Texas, United States I200 ReeseFamily 
7 Johnson, Mariah W. "Aunt Sis"  25 Jun 1935Texas, United States I4631 ReeseFamily 
8 Jones, Golden  18 Dec 1986Texas, United States I3560 ReeseFamily 
9 Miller, Mary  Texas, United States I4704 ReeseFamily 
10 Norton, Bartlett  Bef 1880Texas, United States I3702 ReeseFamily 
11 Palmer, Atty Garrett E  1 Jan 1919Texas, United States I3562 ReeseFamily 
12 Reese, Sr Adolphus Maben  18 Jan 1964Texas, United States I3723 ReeseFamily 
13 Reese, Ann Inez  19 Feb 1967Texas, United States I3561 ReeseFamily 
14 Reese, Donald Ralph  17 Apr 2002Texas, United States I4865 ReeseFamily 
15 Reese, Francis Allen  30 Sep 1981Texas, United States I3559 ReeseFamily 
16 Reese, Francis Jefferson  20 Jan 1903Texas, United States I3420 ReeseFamily 
17 Reese, George  1867Texas, United States I3597 ReeseFamily 
18 Reese, Henry  Aft 1880Texas, United States I3711 ReeseFamily 
19 Reese, Hubert William  13 Mar 1912Texas, United States I3555 ReeseFamily 
20 Reese, Martha Estelle  29 Oct 1969Texas, United States I3558 ReeseFamily 
21 Reese, Troy Dee  6 Jun 1924Texas, United States I3662 ReeseFamily 
22 Reese, William  Aft 1880Texas, United States I3710 ReeseFamily 
23 Reese, William M  7 Nov 1941Texas, United States I3553 ReeseFamily 
24 Stewart, Benjamin Hansford  24 Mar 1932Texas, United States I4643 ReeseFamily 
25 Tudor, Mary Ann  14 Mar 1906Texas, United States I3552 ReeseFamily 

Draft Registration

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Draft Registration    Person ID   Tree 
1 Reese, Troy Dee  5 Jun 1917Texas, United States I3662 ReeseFamily 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID   Tree 
1 Furgason, James  Texas, United States I1647 ReeseFamily 
2 RICHARDS, Faye Floree  Texas, United States I48 ReeseFamily 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Apperson / Reese  Abt 1893Texas, United States F1282 ReeseFamily 
2 Harris / Reese  Abt 1926Texas, United States F1292 ReeseFamily 
3 HOUSE / HAMILTON  22 Mar 1866Texas, United States F103 ReeseFamily 
4 Lowe / Garrison   F491 ReeseFamily 
5 Norton / Reese  Bef 1880Texas, United States F1305 ReeseFamily 
6 Reese /   Bef 1917Texas, United States F2359 ReeseFamily 
7 Reese / Castle  Abt 1883Texas, United States F1270 ReeseFamily 
8 Reese / Eanes  Abt 1896Texas, United States F1279 ReeseFamily 
9 Reese / Marshall  Abt 1896Texas, United States F1278 ReeseFamily 
10 Reese / Pool  1899Texas, United States F1272 ReeseFamily 
11 Reese / Russell  2 Mar 1892Texas, United States F1266 ReeseFamily 
12 Reese / Simmons  Abt 1908Texas, United States F1263 ReeseFamily 
13 Reese / Utterback  10 Apr 1907Texas, United States F1245 ReeseFamily 
14 Reese / Woods  Abt 1891Texas, United States F1274 ReeseFamily 
15 Shonts / Pinell   F2098 ReeseFamily 
16 Stewart / Johnson  1874Texas, United States F1664 ReeseFamily 
17 Williams / Palmer   F1253 ReeseFamily 

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