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Barry, Missouri, United States

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Barry, Missouri, United States
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Tree: ReeseFamily
Latitude: 36.7333306, Longitude: -93.7333306


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 KEELING, ARTHUR  27 Feb 1880Barry, Missouri, United States I600 ReeseFamily 
2 KEELING, EMMA  Jul 1883Barry, Missouri, United States I601 ReeseFamily 
3 Keeling, George Franklin  29 Sep 1879Barry, Missouri, United States I599 ReeseFamily 
4 KEELING, J.R.   I1260 ReeseFamily 
5 KEELING, M.S.   I1263 ReeseFamily 
6 KEELING, Max  11 May 1926Barry, Missouri, United States I1261 ReeseFamily 
7 KEELING, M.   I1262 ReeseFamily 
8 KEELING, Robert G  30 Aug 1897Barry, Missouri, United States I1253 ReeseFamily 
9 Keeling, Walter Monroe  24 Apr 1884Barry, Missouri, United States I602 ReeseFamily 
10 MONTGOMERY, ELIZA ANN  14 Mar 1846Barry, Missouri, United States I661 ReeseFamily 
11 MONTGOMERY, Ida Jemima  12 Jan 1873Barry, Missouri, United States I1302 ReeseFamily 
12 MONTGOMERY, MARGARET ANN  24 Nov 1843Barry, Missouri, United States I660 ReeseFamily 
13 MONTGOMERY, ROBERT  12 Mar 1851Barry, Missouri, United States I663 ReeseFamily 
14 MONTGOMERY, SAMUEL JACKSON  11 Jan 1848Barry, Missouri, United States I662 ReeseFamily 


Matches 1 to 30 of 30

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 BOUCHER, JOHN GOODNIGHT  6 Aug 1884Barry, Missouri, United States I801 ReeseFamily 
2 BRATTIN, MARY FRANCES  10 Oct 1884Barry, Missouri, United States I598 ReeseFamily 
3 HOLLABAUGH, WILLIAM ALLEN  17 Sep 1940Barry, Missouri, United States I597 ReeseFamily 
4 KEELING, ELIZABETH JANE  15 Mar 1884Barry, Missouri, United States I584 ReeseFamily 
5 KEELING, EMMA  17 Jan 1900Barry, Missouri, United States I601 ReeseFamily 
6 KEELING, GEORGE  23 Jul 1897Barry, Missouri, United States I571 ReeseFamily 
7 Keeling, George Franklin  1 Feb 1911Barry, Missouri, United States I599 ReeseFamily 
8 KEELING, JOHN WILLIAM  16 Oct 1882Barry, Missouri, United States I586 ReeseFamily 
9 KEELING, RHODA  Barry, Missouri, United States I573 ReeseFamily 
10 KEELING, WILLIAM CARROLL  10 Oct 1905Barry, Missouri, United States I576 ReeseFamily 
11 KILPATRICK, SOMINA CAROLINA  29 Apr 1883Barry, Missouri, United States I581 ReeseFamily 
12 Layton, Elizabeth Ellen  22 May 1927Barry, Missouri, United States I669 ReeseFamily 
13 LITTLE, JEMIMA  2 Jan 1886Barry, Missouri, United States I648 ReeseFamily 
14 MONTGOMERY, AMANDA  23 Feb 1917Barry, Missouri, United States I653 ReeseFamily 
15 MONTGOMERY, DICY ALMIRA  7 Jul 1930Barry, Missouri, United States I659 ReeseFamily 
16 MONTGOMERY, ELIZABETH  4 Jun 1893Barry, Missouri, United States I634 ReeseFamily 
17 MONTGOMERY, ELIZABETH JANE  19 Feb 1920Barry, Missouri, United States I651 ReeseFamily 
18 MONTGOMERY, MALINDA  19 Feb 1913Barry, Missouri, United States I656 ReeseFamily 
19 MONTGOMERY, MARGARET ANN  25 Jun 1879Barry, Missouri, United States I660 ReeseFamily 
20 MONTGOMERY, REBECCA ANGELINA  6 Feb 1906Barry, Missouri, United States I652 ReeseFamily 
21 MONTGOMERY, ROBERT  28 Sep 1926Barry, Missouri, United States I663 ReeseFamily 
22 MONTGOMERY, SAMUEL  27 May 1884Barry, Missouri, United States I632 ReeseFamily 
23 MONTGOMERY, SAMUEL JACKSON  20 Oct 1851Barry, Missouri, United States I662 ReeseFamily 
24 MONTGOMERY, SARAH  31 Jan 1898Barry, Missouri, United States I649 ReeseFamily 
25 MONTGOMERY, THOMAS CARROLL  2 Nov 1901Barry, Missouri, United States I654 ReeseFamily 
26 OVERTON, HARRIET ANGELINE  19 May 1939Barry, Missouri, United States I596 ReeseFamily 
27 Overton, Robert Carter  4 Mar 1893Barry, Missouri, United States I3958 ReeseFamily 
28 Pace, Amanda Parlee  2 Nov 1877Barry, Missouri, United States I3959 ReeseFamily 
29 RHODEN, MARY ANN  18 Oct 1914Barry, Missouri, United States I578 ReeseFamily 
30 WOODS, OLIVER JOSHUA  13 Aug 1943Barry, Missouri, United States I709 ReeseFamily 


Matches 1 to 31 of 31

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Martha C.  Barry, Missouri, United States I1525 ReeseFamily 
2 BOUCHER, Orlando J.  Barry, Missouri, United States I1521 ReeseFamily 
3 BOUCHER, Peter A.  Barry, Missouri, United States I1519 ReeseFamily 
4 BOUCHER, William Fenton  Barry, Missouri, United States I1522 ReeseFamily 
5 BRATTIN, MARY FRANCES  Barry, Missouri, United States I598 ReeseFamily 
6 BURTON, SUSAN  Barry, Missouri, United States I641 ReeseFamily 
7 DABBS, SARAH LOUISA  Barry, Missouri, United States I583 ReeseFamily 
8 Holt, Rebecca  Barry, Missouri, United States I1520 ReeseFamily 
9 KEELING, EMMA  Barry, Missouri, United States I601 ReeseFamily 
10 Keeling, George Franklin  Barry, Missouri, United States I599 ReeseFamily 
11 Keeling, Walter Monroe  Barry, Missouri, United States I602 ReeseFamily 
12 LITTLE, JEMIMA  Barry, Missouri, United States I648 ReeseFamily 
13 McCary, Agnes Ann  Barry, Missouri, United States I670 ReeseFamily 
14 MONTGOMERY, AMANDA  Barry, Missouri, United States I653 ReeseFamily 
15 MONTGOMERY, DICY ALMIRA  Barry, Missouri, United States I659 ReeseFamily 
16 MONTGOMERY, ELIZABETH  Barry, Missouri, United States I634 ReeseFamily 
17 MONTGOMERY, ELIZABETH JANE  Barry, Missouri, United States I651 ReeseFamily 
18 MONTGOMERY, HARVEY  Barry, Missouri, United States I636 ReeseFamily 
19 MONTGOMERY, JAMES  2 Nov 1925Barry, Missouri, United States I655 ReeseFamily 
20 MONTGOMERY, JAMES ANDERSON  Barry, Missouri, United States I638 ReeseFamily 
21 MONTGOMERY, MALINDA  Barry, Missouri, United States I656 ReeseFamily 
22 MONTGOMERY, MARGARET ANN  Barry, Missouri, United States I660 ReeseFamily 
23 MONTGOMERY, Myma  1976Barry, Missouri, United States I1291 ReeseFamily 
24 MONTGOMERY, REBECCA ANGELINA  Barry, Missouri, United States I652 ReeseFamily 
25 MONTGOMERY, ROBERT  Barry, Missouri, United States I663 ReeseFamily 
26 MONTGOMERY, SAMUEL  Barry, Missouri, United States I632 ReeseFamily 
27 MONTGOMERY, SAMUEL JACKSON  Barry, Missouri, United States I662 ReeseFamily 
28 MONTGOMERY, SARAH  Barry, Missouri, United States I649 ReeseFamily 
29 MONTGOMERY, THOMAS CARROLL  Barry, Missouri, United States I654 ReeseFamily 
30 Smith, Scottia  Barry, Missouri, United States I1379 ReeseFamily 
31 WOODS, LAURA LENORA  Barry, Missouri, United States I672 ReeseFamily 


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID   Tree 
1 MONTGOMERY, SAMUEL  27 Sep 1850Barry, Missouri, United States I632 ReeseFamily 


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID   Tree 
1 Antle, Oliver Gailon  Barry, Missouri, United States I1778 ReeseFamily 
2 MONTGOMERY, SAMUEL  1 Jun 1859Barry, Missouri, United States I632 ReeseFamily 


Matches 1 to 17 of 17

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 BRATTIN / DUNCAN  20 Jun 1867Barry, Missouri, United States F220 ReeseFamily 
2 BRATTIN / HARREL  2 Feb 1860Barry, Missouri, United States F219 ReeseFamily 
3 BRATTIN / HERREFORD  2 May 1869Barry, Missouri, United States F221 ReeseFamily 
4 DUNCAN / BRATTIN  31 Oct 1869Barry, Missouri, United States F222 ReeseFamily 
5 HARRELL / MONTGOMERY  21 Dec 1854Barry, Missouri, United States F232 ReeseFamily 
6 HOWERTON / MONTGOMERY  22 Dec 1859Barry, Missouri, United States F233 ReeseFamily 
7 KEELING / BRATTIN  Abt 1878Barry, Missouri, United States F208 ReeseFamily 
8 KEELING / EDENS  9 May 1886Barry, Missouri, United States F210 ReeseFamily 
9 KEELING / HIGGS  29 Mar 1884Barry, Missouri, United States F209 ReeseFamily 
10 KEELING / OVERTON  16 Jul 1892Barry, Missouri, United States F212 ReeseFamily 
11 MONTGOMERY / BURTON  7 Sep 1843Barry, Missouri, United States F230 ReeseFamily 
12 MONTGOMERY / BURTON  11 Mar 1847Barry, Missouri, United States F231 ReeseFamily 
13 MONTGOMERY / Layton  12 Aug 1869Barry, Missouri, United States F235 ReeseFamily 
14 MONTGOMERY / McCary  22 Sep 1870Barry, Missouri, United States F236 ReeseFamily 
15 MONTGOMERY / ROLLER  10 Jun 1913Barry, Missouri, United States F241 ReeseFamily 
16 STAMPS / MONTGOMERY  27 Dec 1855Barry, Missouri, United States F234 ReeseFamily 
17 WOODS / McCall  7 Dec 1843Barry, Missouri, United States F1902 ReeseFamily 

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