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Lawrence, Missouri, United States

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Lawrence, Missouri, United States
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Tree: ReeseFamily
Latitude: 37.1166694, Longitude: -93.8333306


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 BOUCHER, Mary Evaline  7 Feb 1876Lawrence, Missouri, United States I1510 ReeseFamily 
2 BOUCHER, Salinda  4 Oct 1846Lawrence, Missouri, United States I1507 ReeseFamily 
3 BOUCHER, William Wallace  10 Oct 1847Lawrence, Missouri, United States I1508 ReeseFamily 
4 McCarrell, Eliza  Lawrence, Missouri, United States I4229 ReeseFamily 
5 Moody, Mary Evelyn Boucher  7 Feb 1876Lawrence, Missouri, United States I1053 ReeseFamily 
6 Woods, Arrena Elizabeth  16 Jan 1908Lawrence, Missouri, United States I1118 ReeseFamily 
7 WOODS, Francis Marion  3 Apr 1850Lawrence, Missouri, United States I4254 ReeseFamily 
8 WOODS, General Lafayette  11 Mar 1857Lawrence, Missouri, United States I4228 ReeseFamily 
9 WOODS, LANDON PRICE  5 Jul 1861Lawrence, Missouri, United States I710 ReeseFamily 
10 WOODS, LAURA LENORA  11 Mar 1860Lawrence, Missouri, United States I672 ReeseFamily 
11 WOODS, LOREN DAVIS  5 Jul 1861Lawrence, Missouri, United States I711 ReeseFamily 
12 WOODS, OLIVER JOSHUA  31 Jan 1859Lawrence, Missouri, United States I709 ReeseFamily 
13 WOODS, Sarah Margarette  18 Feb 1860Lawrence, Missouri, United States I4253 ReeseFamily 
14 WOODS, William Harris  7 May 1854Lawrence, Missouri, United States I4255 ReeseFamily 


Matches 1 to 23 of 23

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 BOUCHER, Euphrates  Lawrence, Missouri, United States I1531 ReeseFamily 
2 BOUCHER, GABRIEL  Jun 1852Lawrence, Missouri, United States I789 ReeseFamily 
3 BOUCHER, MARY Polly  29 Nov 1860Lawrence, Missouri, United States I761 ReeseFamily 
4 BOUCHER, William Wallace  Lawrence, Missouri, United States I1508 ReeseFamily 
5 Cagle, Melinda E  24 Jul 1889Lawrence, Missouri, United States I1984 ReeseFamily 
6 Chewning, CHROSHE\Cherochee Chewning/  31 Jul 1881Lawrence, Missouri, United States I693 ReeseFamily 
7 Foster, Sarah Elizabeth Ross  19 Oct 1940Lawrence, Missouri, United States I1116 ReeseFamily 
8 HALL, CAROLINE Matilda  Abt 1859Lawrence, Missouri, United States I5 ReeseFamily 
9 Haynes, Nancy  24 Dec 1859Lawrence, Missouri, United States I6033 ReeseFamily 
10 REESE, Rev, Dr. SHERWOOD  Abt 1863Lawrence, Missouri, United States I3 ReeseFamily 
11 SMITH, POLLY  Jul 1852Lawrence, Missouri, United States I790 ReeseFamily 
12 SPILMAN, Arrena  25 Dec 1894Lawrence, Missouri, United States I702 ReeseFamily 
13 SPILMAN, JOHN  6 Jul 1854Lawrence, Missouri, United States I752 ReeseFamily 
14 SPILMAN, JOHN JASPER  13 Dec 1914Lawrence, Missouri, United States I766 ReeseFamily 
15 SPILMAN, NATHAN COSBY  25 Jul 1871Lawrence, Missouri, United States I764 ReeseFamily 
16 WINTERS, ELIZABETH  20 May 1858Lawrence, Missouri, United States I680 ReeseFamily 
17 WOODS, AMERICA LOUISA  2 Jul 1895Lawrence, Missouri, United States I707 ReeseFamily 
18 WOODS, BENJAMIN  2 Nov 1852Lawrence, Missouri, United States I679 ReeseFamily 
19 WOODS, FRANCES HENRY  26 Oct 1917Lawrence, Missouri, United States I706 ReeseFamily 
20 WOODS, JOSEPH BENJAMIN  9 Jan 1918Lawrence, Missouri, United States I696 ReeseFamily 
21 WOODS, MARVEL LOWE  14 Jul 1897Lawrence, Missouri, United States I690 ReeseFamily 
22 WOODS, MARY MELVINA  26 May 1928Lawrence, Missouri, United States I705 ReeseFamily 
23 WOODS, Oliver Harris  27 Oct 1916Lawrence, Missouri, United States I692 ReeseFamily 


Matches 1 to 35 of 35

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 BAILEY, MARY A  Lawrence, Missouri, United States I726 ReeseFamily 
2 BOUCHER, GABRIEL  Lawrence, Missouri, United States I789 ReeseFamily 
3 BOUCHER, MARY Polly  Lawrence, Missouri, United States I761 ReeseFamily 
4 Bridges, Jacob Riley  Lawrence, Missouri, United States I1081 ReeseFamily 
5 Brown, Sarah C  17 Jul 1912Lawrence, Missouri, United States I932 ReeseFamily 
6 Buckhannon, Betty Jean  Lawrence, Missouri, United States I1318 ReeseFamily 
7 Carver, Charley Day  1946Lawrence, Missouri, United States I1086 ReeseFamily 
8 Chewning, CHROSHE\Cherochee Chewning/  Lawrence, Missouri, United States I693 ReeseFamily 
9 SPILMAN, Arrena  Lawrence, Missouri, United States I702 ReeseFamily 
10 Sullinger, Esther May  Lawrence, Missouri, United States I1127 ReeseFamily 
11 Sullinger, Russel  Lawrence, Missouri, United States I1125 ReeseFamily 
12 WINTERS, ELIZABETH  Lawrence, Missouri, United States I680 ReeseFamily 
13 WOODS, AMERICA LOUISA  Lawrence, Missouri, United States I707 ReeseFamily 
14 Woods, Andrew Rice  Lawrence, Missouri, United States I1308 ReeseFamily 
15 WOODS, BENJAMIN  Lawrence, Missouri, United States I679 ReeseFamily 
16 WOODS, BENJAMIN JR.  Lawrence, Missouri, United States I687 ReeseFamily 
17 Woods, Carrie Bell  Lawrence, Missouri, United States I1311 ReeseFamily 
18 Woods, Edwin Armstrong  Lawrence, Missouri, United States I984 ReeseFamily 
19 Woods, Elizabeth  Lawrence, Missouri, United States I1235 ReeseFamily 
20 Woods, Ellis Porter  Lawrence, Missouri, United States I920 ReeseFamily 
21 Woods, Fabian Travis  Lawrence, Missouri, United States I1306 ReeseFamily 
22 WOODS, FRANCES HENRY  Lawrence, Missouri, United States I706 ReeseFamily 
23 Woods, John Emmet  Lawrence, Missouri, United States I912 ReeseFamily 
24 WOODS, JOSEPH BENJAMIN  Lawrence, Missouri, United States I696 ReeseFamily 
25 WOODS, JOSHUA  28 Oct 1886Lawrence, Missouri, United States I681 ReeseFamily 
26 Woods, Joshua Caleb  Lawrence, Missouri, United States I1307 ReeseFamily 
27 WOODS, LANDON PRICE  1936Lawrence, Missouri, United States I710 ReeseFamily 
28 Woods, Lillie May  Lawrence, Missouri, United States I1119 ReeseFamily 
29 WOODS, LOREN DAVIS  1036Lawrence, Missouri, United States I711 ReeseFamily 
30 Woods, Lorena F  Lawrence, Missouri, United States I1316 ReeseFamily 
31 WOODS, MARVEL LOWE  Lawrence, Missouri, United States I690 ReeseFamily 
32 WOODS, MARY MELVINA  Lawrence, Missouri, United States I705 ReeseFamily 
33 WOODS, OLIVER JOSHUA  Lawrence, Missouri, United States I709 ReeseFamily 
34 Woods, Rosa May Florence  24 Apr 1948Lawrence, Missouri, United States I1052 ReeseFamily 
35 Woods, Vernon Park  Lawrence, Missouri, United States I1336 ReeseFamily 


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Burial    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bridges, Jacob Riley  Lawrence, Missouri, United States I1081 ReeseFamily 
2 Brown, Sarah C  17 Jul 1912Lawrence, Missouri, United States I932 ReeseFamily 


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID   Tree 
1 Woods, Andrew Rice  1910Lawrence, Missouri, United States I1308 ReeseFamily 
2 Woods, Fabian Travis  1910Lawrence, Missouri, United States I1306 ReeseFamily 
3 WOODS, JOSEPH BENJAMIN  1870Lawrence, Missouri, United States I696 ReeseFamily 
4 WOODS, JOSEPH BENJAMIN  1880Lawrence, Missouri, United States I696 ReeseFamily 
5 WOODS, JOSEPH BENJAMIN  1900Lawrence, Missouri, United States I696 ReeseFamily 
6 WOODS, JOSEPH BENJAMIN  1900Lawrence, Missouri, United States I696 ReeseFamily 
7 WOODS, JOSEPH BENJAMIN  3 May 1910Lawrence, Missouri, United States I696 ReeseFamily 
8 WOODS, JOSEPH BENJAMIN  3 May 1910Lawrence, Missouri, United States I696 ReeseFamily 
9 WOODS, JOSHUA  1 Jun 1880Lawrence, Missouri, United States I681 ReeseFamily 


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID   Tree 
1 Buckhannon, Betty Jean  Lawrence, Missouri, United States I1318 ReeseFamily 


Matches 1 to 14 of 14

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 BOUCHER /   Lawrence, Missouri, United States F617 ReeseFamily 
2 BOUCHER / Brite  Abt 1845Lawrence, Missouri, United States F585 ReeseFamily 
3 BOUCHER / Hillhouse  24 Feb 1853Lawrence, Missouri, United States F587 ReeseFamily 
4 Bridges / Woods  1 Jan 1891Lawrence, Missouri, United States F315 ReeseFamily 
5 Foster / BOUCHER  4 Oct 1860Lawrence, Missouri, United States F620 ReeseFamily 
6 Gibson / BOUCHER  Lawrence, Missouri, United States F618 ReeseFamily 
7 HEWLETT / SPILMAN  9 Jul 1847Lawrence, Missouri, United States F279 ReeseFamily 
8 MINGUS / SPILMAN  11 Dec 1855Lawrence, Missouri, United States F282 ReeseFamily 
9 MONTGOMERY / WOODS  9 Nov 1882Lawrence, Missouri, United States F216 ReeseFamily 
10 MOODY / SPILMAN  1858Lawrence, Missouri, United States F281 ReeseFamily 
11 MOTLEY / WOODS  12 Jun 1879Lawrence, Missouri, United States F254 ReeseFamily 
12 Ross / BOUCHER  Lawrence, Missouri, United States F593 ReeseFamily 
13 WOODS / BRIDGES  24 Apr 1849Lawrence, Missouri, United States F248 ReeseFamily 
14 WOODS / SPILMAN  7 Feb 1850Lawrence, Missouri, United States F249 ReeseFamily 

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