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Missouri, United States

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Missouri, United States
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Tree: ReeseFamily
Latitude: 38.2502806, Longitude: -92.5002806


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Alley, William David  1884Missouri, United States I4387 ReeseFamily 
2 Ball, James Ellis Jr  11 Sep 1907Missouri, United States I2880 ReeseFamily 
3 Barnes, Nedra  6 Jun 1910Missouri, United States I6567 ReeseFamily 
4 Bennett, Dessie  1894Missouri, United States I6615 ReeseFamily 
5 Bess, Laura May  25 Apr 1882Missouri, United States I5556 ReeseFamily 
6 Blythe, Addie Leanna  Nov 1882Missouri, United States I3858 ReeseFamily 
7 Blythe, Baxter B  Nov 1885Missouri, United States I3859 ReeseFamily 
8 BRATTIN, ELIZABETH  Abt 1859Missouri, United States I621 ReeseFamily 
9 BRATTIN, JAMES  Abt 1850Missouri, United States I619 ReeseFamily 
10 BRATTIN, SARAH  Abt 1854Missouri, United States I620 ReeseFamily 
11 Butcher, Dora Agnes  1883Missouri, United States I6571 ReeseFamily 
12 Campbell, Homer George  14 Jun 1925Missouri, United States I2488 ReeseFamily 
13 Carr, M.   I3039 ReeseFamily 
14 Chowning, K.L.   I2319 ReeseFamily 
15 Clark, H Marvin  1894Missouri, United States I6306 ReeseFamily 
16 Clift, Frank  1892Missouri, United States I913 ReeseFamily 
17 Coleman, Estella J  Mar 1890Missouri, United States I6322 ReeseFamily 
18 Conklin, Oscar Newton Jr  3 Feb 1923Missouri, United States I6543 ReeseFamily 
19 Crowder, Bell  May 1877Missouri, United States I3863 ReeseFamily 
20 Crowder, Ladora Jane  Abt 1875Missouri, United States I3862 ReeseFamily 
21 CULPEPPER, MYRTLE Elizabeth  3 May 1890Missouri, United States I27 ReeseFamily 
22 Cunningham, Silas Benjamin  5 Feb 1899Missouri, United States I6516 ReeseFamily 
23 Cunninghan, John F  Missouri, United States I6441 ReeseFamily 
24 Davis, Della F  21 Jan 1907Missouri, United States I6517 ReeseFamily 
25 Davis, M.   I2203 ReeseFamily 
26 Denton, B.P.   I2496 ReeseFamily 
27 Denton, G.   I2494 ReeseFamily 
28 Denton, J.   I2493 ReeseFamily 
29 Denton, Leahman  6 Mar 1938Missouri, United States I2509 ReeseFamily 
30 Denton, Max Lemuel  4 Jun 1933Missouri, United States I2498 ReeseFamily 
31 Denton, P.   I2495 ReeseFamily 
32 Ellis, Clay Whiting  9 Aug 1893Missouri, United States I6578 ReeseFamily 
33 FARRAR, ARAMINTA JANE  1880Missouri, United States I26 ReeseFamily 
34 Farrar, Bertha L  8 Jan 1913Missouri, United States I3335 ReeseFamily 
35 Farrar, William J  1878Missouri, United States I6003 ReeseFamily 
36 Fraser, J.A.   I5603 ReeseFamily 
37 Freeman, C.E.   I2185 ReeseFamily 
38 Freeman, Edmond L  Abt 1915Missouri, United States I2183 ReeseFamily 
39 Freeman, Ellen L  Aug 1916Missouri, United States I2186 ReeseFamily 
40 Freeman, Martha Ellen Smith  25 Feb 1875Missouri, United States I24 ReeseFamily 
41 Freeman, Ona M  1907Missouri, United States I4134 ReeseFamily 
42 Freeman, Ona V  21 Mar 1884Missouri, United States I2243 ReeseFamily 
43 GALBRAITH, Addie Ann  29 Dec 1903Missouri, United States I400 ReeseFamily 
44 GALBRAITH, JAMES H  Nov 1875Missouri, United States I25 ReeseFamily 
45 GALBRAITH, Zetta Ida  13 Jul 1907Missouri, United States I405 ReeseFamily 
46 Garst, Harvey Oden  Missouri, United States I2538 ReeseFamily 
47 Haley, Maggie L  15 Jan 1875Missouri, United States I829 ReeseFamily 
48 Hall, George Riley  Abt 1865Missouri, United States I3489 ReeseFamily 
49 Henry, Violet Marie  20 Mar 1907Missouri, United States I2939 ReeseFamily 
50 Herbert, Viola C.  12 Apr 1905Missouri, United States I5152 ReeseFamily 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Lucindy Kennedy Perkins  10 Feb 1960Missouri, United States I6456 ReeseFamily 
2 Bryant, Sarah  1874Missouri, United States I5731 ReeseFamily 
3 Cagle, Linzey  2 Dec 1863Missouri, United States I13309 ReeseFamily 
4 GALBRAITH, Addie Ann  10 Feb 1974Missouri, United States I400 ReeseFamily 
5 GALBRAITH, Zetta Ida  1971Missouri, United States I405 ReeseFamily 
6 HOUSE, MATTHIAS  Apr 1860Missouri, United States I182 ReeseFamily 
7 Lenard, Mary  1852Missouri, United States I1447 ReeseFamily 
8 MONTGOMERY, ELIZA ANN  17 Dec 1913Missouri, United States I661 ReeseFamily 
9 MONTGOMERY, HARVEY  26 Mar 1882Missouri, United States I636 ReeseFamily 
10 O'Malley, Daniel David  May 2000Missouri, United States I4187 ReeseFamily 
11 REESE, Lue  18 Feb 1906Missouri, United States I2382 ReeseFamily 
12 ROBINSON, LUCY ANN  7 Oct 1878Missouri, United States I130 ReeseFamily 
13 ROBINSON, MAGGIE IDONIA  1 Dec 1872Missouri, United States I128 ReeseFamily 
14 Spilman, Beryl Stinson  Mar 2006Missouri, United States I1090 ReeseFamily 
15 Steincipher, Silas Cortney  27 Jul 1889Missouri, United States I3456 ReeseFamily 
16 Thomas, Virgie  22 Jan 2002Missouri, United States I2302 ReeseFamily 
17 Wheat, Josiah  1885Missouri, United States I5730 ReeseFamily 
18 WOODS, LANDON PRICE  4 Jul 1936Missouri, United States I710 ReeseFamily 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 HOUSE, RICHARD  Missouri, United States I221 ReeseFamily 

Draft Registration

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Draft Registration    Person ID   Tree 
1 Reese, Dallas Clay  30 Jan 1945Missouri, United States I2451 ReeseFamily 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID   Tree 
1 O'Malley, D.P.   I4190 ReeseFamily 
2 Smith, Audie Leila  Missouri, United States I3754 ReeseFamily 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID   Tree 
1 BOUCHER, Gabriel  1843Missouri, United States I1500 ReeseFamily 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 HOLLABAUGH / KEELING  10 Feb 1895Missouri, United States F213 ReeseFamily 
2 KEELING / STEVENS  9 Feb 1929Missouri, United States F218 ReeseFamily 
3 MONTGOMERY / Reed  Missouri, United States F573 ReeseFamily 
4 Paddock / McCubbin  1870Missouri, United States F4874 ReeseFamily 
5 Reese / REESE  1876Missouri, United States F1239 ReeseFamily 
6 Reese / Reser  Abt 1862Missouri, United States F1242 ReeseFamily 
7 REESE / Reynolds  15 Sep 1926Missouri, United States F304 ReeseFamily 
8 Roney / Davis   F841 ReeseFamily 
9 THORNTON / HOUSE  7 Dec 1820Missouri, United States F93 ReeseFamily 

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